BLUE - Don't Correct ...Re-Direct! (VIRTUAL CLASS)

BLUE - Don't Correct ...Re-Direct! (VIRTUAL CLASS)

BLUE Class Focus - Don't Correct ... Re-direct! (Virtual Online Class)

Instead of correcting a dog that does something we don’t like, but we don’t want them to continue doing, we use a training protocol called the “Substitution Routine” to prevent and/or eliminate that behavior. Whether it’s barking at the cat, or jumping on guests, he needs to learn what it is he SHOULD be doing.

When he has the opportunity to learn what you want from him, you’ll begin to see him offer more appropriate responses. By “substituting” an undesirable behavior such as barking, with something you want to see repeated such as sitting quietly, you’ll be more effective at training while continuing to strengthen your relationship.  

Following this program and eliminating the use of corrections will give you the results you are looking for. For the life and well-being of your dog.



Event Properties

Event date 07-06-2022 6:00 pm CT
Event End Date 07-06-2022 7:00 pm CT
Capacity 4
Registered 0
Available Seats 4
Cut off date 07-05-2022 11:55 pm CT
Instructor Cassie Williams, KPA, CTP
Number Hours 1
Location Virtual Online

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